Material Transfer Guidelines

Sending Samples to Your Mitsubishi Research Partners:

UCSB and the Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation have arranged special terms and conditions to address all intellectual property issues related to research done through MC-CAM. Materials created during this research may have important intellectual property value, so it is critical to the legal agreement between UC and Mitsubishi that these materials be easily identified and tracked. A streamlined procedure to track the material has been created. Therefore, all MC-CAM researchers who wish to send material to Mitsubishi must comply with the following procedure before the material may be sent:

  1. Notify Jess Henry ( and the MTA Officer, Jenna Nakano ( in writing of your need to send the material to Mitsubishi. Include in this notification a scientific description of the material, the quantity to be sent, and to whom it will be sent.
  2. Jess will help you to determine if an export license is required for the shipment. Upon completion of the export review, Jess will generate a transmittal letter to be sent to Mitsubishi (with a copy to Jenna Nakano) identifying the material to be shipped.
  3. Jess will notify you when you have permission to ship the material to Mitsubishi, and will assist you with the shipping paperwork.

It is important that this protocol is followed in order for the parties to be in full compliance with the legal agreement between UCSB and Mitsubishi.